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  • Thank you for help with manufacturer

    I have been thinking of you all this Thanksgiving week and wanted to send my heartfelt thank you for all you did for us. Your intervention with Whirlpool/KitchenAid was so greatly appreciated. Without your time and attention to our issues, a favorable resolution would have taken so much longer or may never have happened. You have cemented our Oberg loyalty!

    Thank you again! Wishing you Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your time with your loved ones.

    All the best,

    Camille F.

    Westwood, NJ

  • Washing Machine Exchange

    Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for changing out my new GE washing machine. I realize some retailers would have cited the warranty to me rather than exchanging it. I appreciate the high level of customer service you extended to me. The new machine which was delivered last Saturday is performing as it should.

    Thank you again and have an enjoyable day!

    Elizabeth H. from Mahwah, New Jersey

  • A Pleasure Working With Oberg

    We very much appreciate your handling [the GE repair] for us. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and Oberg and Lindquist. Your support and pleasant demeanor, including other employee interactions, has validated our decision to buy from O&L in the past and in the future.

    Have a great summer!


    Nancy and Eric F.

  • Professional Installation

    We had the install today for the new 48″ Sub-Zero…Your guys were so professional and took the time to do the correct job.

    In a business where you probably get more emails regarding issues than accolades, you should know we were very happy with our purchase.

    All the best…
    – Christopher M., New York, NY

  • Santa’s Elves

    My stove died on Friday night December 2nd. I was panicking with the idea of a long wait before a new one could be ordered and delivered.  I knew what make and model I wanted and had checked several major appliance shops to see if they had it. Not one, no matter their price could deliver until after Christmas. I called the corporate offices of Whirlpool and was told to check with Oberg and Lindquist. It dawned on me that I had previously purchased my refrigerator from them.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of them but I guess facing Christmas without a stove does things to one’s sanity. I spoke to Michelle asked her if she carried the make and model and her answer was “When do you want it delivered?” What no hemming and hawing about not knowing because fill in excuse here?  I told her Friday?  She said “you got it.”  The oven was scheduled to be delivered between 10am and 1pm. At 10 my husband said sarcastically “Let’s see if there here by 10 tonight,” before he could finish the sentence I see the Oberg and Lindquist truck pulling into my driveway.  Out pops Santa’s elves Bob and Tarquino and they were masters at their game. They were polite, professional and efficient. The old oven was removed, the new oven installed and they were done in less than 45 minutes. I will be sure to ask for them the next time I need a new appliance installed. Thank you Michelle, Bob, Tarquino, and thank you Oberg and Lindquist

    A. Coscarello

  • The Right Washer

    “Thank you so much for recommending the perfect washer for us – we absolutely love it. Please also tell your installation team they did a wonderful job of installing it – no muss, no fuss. We definitely recommend Oberg & Lindquist!”

    – Mrs. W., Wyckoff store customer

  • Employee Commendation

    Dear Sirs,

    I wish to commend two employees of Oberg & Lindquist: Bob and Alfredo.

    The reason: On October 2, 2015, around 3:30 pm, they arrived as scheduled at my address to deliver a new Frigidaire and pick up an old unit. A problem arose at the designated garage entrance to No. 4, the door of which could not be opened. These two young men showed professionalism, courtesy and patience in a long wait in this distressing situation.

    Finally, the problem was solved and the Frigidaire was safely installed in my apartment by Bob and Alfredo.

    All is well!

    Thank you.

    – Margaret M

  • Outstanding Service, Fair Price and Wide Selection

    My wife and I are longtime residents of Ridgewood and recently purchased a refrigerator from Oberg & Lindquist. The new appliance was delivered by your installation team, Bob and Tarquino.

    We live in a house constructed in 1900, thus with very tight clearances which had been carefully evaluated beforehand to be sure the new unit could be easily installed. Oberg & Lindquist, as part of its service, was also removing and disposing of our old refrigerator. Due to a past renovation, Bob and Tarquino concluded there was no longer adequate clearance to remove the old and somewhat larger unit. Rather than give up what appeared to us to be a lost cause, your team took the time and exercised the initiative to come up with options to solve the problem. They proceed to take apart the old unit, one component at a time. When this wasn’t adequate, Bob resorted to removing the top of the old refrigerator with a saw. This did the trick.

    In short, the O & L team went above and beyond any expectations we had for customer service in order to carefully and neatly remove the old unit. The delivery and installation were handled with the utmost courtesy and respectfulness. Based on this outstanding service, as well as convenience, fair price and wide selection, we will in future use and recommend to friends Oberg & Lindquist.

    Please extend our thanks again to Bob and Tarquino.

    Sincerely yours,

    – Anders M.

  • Oberg & Lindquist Voted Best Appliance Store in Bergen County Again

    We’re thrilled to be chosen as the #1 appliance store in the Readers’ Choice Awards by Bergen Health & Life Magazine. Thanks to all our loyal customers who voted – and be sure to stop in to see why we’re the best in service, price and selection. Let us help you choose your next home appliance(s)!

  • Positive Installation Experience

    “We purchased a refrigerator from your company last week and we would like to compliment your staff for a very positive experience.

    Ann Hall was very helpful and patient when I made my initial visit to browse. When I returned the next day to purchase, she was not there but Steve Murphy also was very helpful.

    When the refrigerator was delivered on Saturday, the delivery men, Bob and Tarquino, were great – they took off two doors and a railing and put them back again. The one man who set up the new refrigerator was very professional. Just one more reason dealing with Oberg & Lindquist is always a good experience! Keep up the good work.”

    -Dorothy S.

  • To people who live in and around Bergen County — recommending Oberg and Lindquist

    “Anyone who has ever re-decorated knows how most things can go terribly wrong. With total faith in Oberg and Lindquist, a family run business in Westwood, I decided to replace my three kitchen appliances.

    I cannot praise the two men who came and did the switching. Moving refrigerators, dish washers and stoves is no small feat. With the precision of a laser, they slipped these all out and then the new in. No damage, no mess, no “Oh, My Gods.” And, as promised, they were on time and the plumber was right behind them.

    If you ever decide you want the supplier to worry about all the details, do yourself a favor and use Oberg and Lindquist.

    No, this is not a paid political announcement. I hate shopping and more than that I hate organizing installers.

    And, their people have been with them for years. They are NOT sub-contractors.”

    – S.

  • Thank you for my new dryer

    “Just a quick note to say a great big THANK YOU for my new dryer. Susan and your staff were wonderful to me. You run a company like no other. Good luck on the opening of your Wyckoff store. God bless you always.”

    – Mrs. D.

  • True Customer Service Values

    “It is employees like you who create the perception that a company has true customer service values and is willing to take the extra steps to satisfy a customer even when it can be determined as “not your fault.” It’s easier to say ‘no’ than it is to say ‘yes’ or ‘let me look into that’ and YOU went the extra mile ! Great job!”

    – J. Santagata

  • Flawless Installation

    “We ordered a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave oven in December 2011. There also was a need to measure and install spacers on both sides of the refrigerator. Everyone within your organization was not only courteous but extremely knowledgeable as well. Mike went over all our options and followed up throughout the process and the real test was during the installation process when things usually go wrong with the large chain retailers that subcontract out to other vendors. James came in with his team and the job went flawlessly. He then measured again for the spacers and installed them the following week. You should feel very proud that you have a team that still has pride in their work! I will recommend you to all my friends and not hesitate to you use again!”

    – M. Oppenheimer

  • Super Salesman

    “Just to let you know that we had a great experience ordering appliances and having your Salesman Bill coordinate the electrician and the installation of the wonderful people at Imperial Granite! Please let Bill know how much we appreciate his attention to our beautiful updated kitchen. Looking forward to picking up my sink mat when it comes in.”

    –B. and J. Tobin

  • Built-In Appliance Replacement

    “We recently purchased a refrigerator, double wall oven and microwave from you and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We spoke with Lori during our first visit to your showroom and, after explaining our problem (a built-in SubZero that wasn’t working), she suggested replacing it with a KitchenAid model that would fit in the spot and look “built-in.” We also discussed with her replacing our oven and microwave, and what she suggested is what we bought! Everyone that we spoke with at your store was knowledgeable, helpful, and patient with our questions. It was reassuring to be speaking with someone who knew the products and knew what we needed.When it came time for measuring and installation, I knew that the job was being handled by professionals. We want to thank James, Warren and the others that did the installation. The custom panel work needed for the refrigerator makes the fridge look “built-in.” Thank you to everyone who helped us in the show room.”

    – J. and L. Burger

  • Amazing Job

    “Jamie, James, Victor and all your subcontractors have done an amazing job.They had to adapt and accommodate all kinds of “unexpected” circumstances, including waltzing around six other workmen in the same place at the same time. James and Victor spent hours crawling on their bellies through crawl spaces to reconnect our dryer vents. All this, they did with grace and good humor. And Jamie has been incredibly responsive and available at every turn. We are so thrilled with the results and will recommend Oberg & Lindquist to anyone who will listen!”

    – W. Rudin, E Winters

  • Family Business

    “Thank you so very, very much for helping us with the purchase of our new GE fridge. As senior citizens, we remember the “old” days of family businesses. It used to be that merchants thought more of making their customers satisfied than turning a fast buck. Your willingness to lose a sale in an effort to save us a couple of thousand dollars was a throwback to those days! To top that off, once you realized that our health was involved, you went even further by advancing the time of delivery and then following up with a phone call to make sure it went smoothly. Some friends of ours, after asking where we bought the fridge, scoffed at our decision and asked why we didn’t go to the Depot, Lowe’s or Best Buy. We replied by asking them if they had ever had a problem with delivery. Invariably each had experienced such things as delays, attitude, damaged goods and broken promises. These are the kind of things we have always avoided by dealing with Oberg & Lindquist. Your delivery men today were fast, courteous, totally professional, worked clean and arrived early! In short, we are completely satisfied as we have been each time we have purchased an appliance from Oberg over a period of 40+ years!”

    – M. and L. Hoffman

  • Dream Kitchen

    “We are so pleased that we made the decision to work with your company and your recommended contractors for our re-model. Their meticulous work, professionalism and timely work ethic created a comfortable environment. We never doubted that our kitchen would be completed by the established time. We can not thank James enough for all his help and patience. It was wonderful to work with such a professional and courteous person. He coordinated all of the contractors and made sure they were well informed. He constantly checked in with us and kept the work progressing on time. If we had any questions or concerns, he would address them immediately. We have received numerous compliments on the quality of our cabinetry from our friends and family. The quality craftsmanship is one of the best we have ever seen. Our kitchen truly exceeded our expectations and thanks to your staff our dream kitchen has become a reality.”

    – A. Iorio

  • Dedication to the Customer

    “There are very few things in life that we count on with certainty, but purchasing appliances from Oberg and Lindquist is one of them. I have had the pleasure to do business with this establishment for nearly twenty years. Each and every time, service and dependability have been paramount. The delivery men were very careful and worked efficiently removing the old, moving one previously purchased and delivering the appliances to my home on Friday. I simply cannot say enough good things about Oberg and Lindquist, therefore, please know how much I appreciate your dedication to the consumer. Only a fool would shop elsewhere!”

    – D. Klein